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Jambie Day Outline.png
Jambie Day Tilt.png


        For day use, when the vehicle is stationary, there are two slides that can be put out to give more room in the common area. The table is in it's standard upright position. The counter has flip-up extension that can be used to give you more cooking space! 

Jambie Night Outline.png
Jambie Night Tilt.png


        At night, when the vehicle is stationary, the two slides may be put out to make more room in the common areas. The sofa has a pull-out full size bed. The dining table may be lowered and converted into a full size bed. The bunk has a twin size bed that slides out as well. 

Jambie Travel Outline.png
Jambie Travel Tilt.png


        When the vehicle is in motion, slides must be pulled in, and the antenna down. All passengers must wear seatbelts while in transit, which can are located at the table, on the couch, or in the cab. 

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