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Terms and Conditions

2008 Fleetwood Jamboree


We require every renter to sign and agree to our terms and conditions prior to departure. Failure to comply could result in termination of rental and/or forfeiture of security deposit. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms. 

General Rules

  • Renters should abide by these rules at all times. The renter acknowledges that failure to comply with any of these rules could result in termination of the rental and/or loss of security deposit. 

  • All tolls and tickets must be paid by renter

  • Cabinets, hatches, steps, and antenna must be secure before transit 

  • Abide by posted speed limits

  • Must wear seatbelts while in transit

  • No illegal drugs or narcotics 

  • No smoking inside the camper

  • Any missing or damaged property will be charged out of the security deposit

  • Propane and gas must be full when returned, which can be verified with receipts

Service Fees

  • The renter  will be charged if AP RV Rentals needs to perform any of the services listed below, or in the event of prohibited actions (i.e. smoking within the RV)

  • Dumping fee                                                  $100

  • Unapproved pet fee                                      $150

  • Smoking fee                                                   $300

  • Late drop off fee                                            $40 per hour (after 1 hour)

  • Excessive cleaning fee                                  $100

  • Propane refill fee                                           $5 per gallon + $25 flat fee

  • Gas refill fee                                                   $5 per gallon

  • 100 miles per night included                      $0.35 per mile over

  • 4 generator hours included per night       $6 per hour over

Pet Policy

  • Any pets that will be brought into the RV must be disclosed prior to departure and pet fees must be paid. Pets are limited to a maximum of two (2). No cats are allowed. Any pets brought into the camper that are not disclosed or against policy will be subject to the unapproved pet fee of $150, and all or part of the renter’s security deposit may be retained. The renter acknowledges that any damages incurred by pets are the responsibility of the renter, as well as any costs and fees for repairs. See the section entitled Damage Policy for more detailed information.  

Damage Policy

  • The renter acknowledges that any damages incurred during the time the RV is in the renter’s possession will be their responsibility, as well as any fees or costs for repair or replacement. 

  •  During the RV pick-up, a walkthrough will be conducted to notate any pre-existing internal and external damages to the vehicle. It is the responsibility of both AP RV Rentals and the renter to ensure that damages are accurately assessed and notated prior to departure. 

  •  Upon return, the vehicle will be inspected to ensure that everything is still in working order and nothing is damaged. If anything is damaged or malfunctioning that was not originally notated in the pick-up walkthrough, the renter will be liable for all costs and fees for replacement and/or repair. These fees include cost of gas, mileage, or other expenses to transfer the RV to and from the service center.  All repairs will be done at RV One St. Augustine. They charge a labor fee of $150/hr (1 hr minimum) plus any parts, both of which the renter will be responsible for. 

  •  Possible damages include, but are not limited to: clogged toilet, broken cabinets, appliances, or electronics. Any damage or malfunction incurred from improper use of features such as generator, electric hookups, water hookups, towing parts, propane, or appliances, are all included in the responsibilities of the renter. In the event of a clogged toilet – do not use a plunger. 

  •  Estimation of Damage Cost and Fees. Below is an estimation of possible costs and fees that may be incurred upon damage or malfunction of the vehicle. None of these totals are final and are subject to variation. Final costs of any damages, including those not listed above, will not be known until it is assessed by RV One St. Augustine. 

    • i. Clogged toilet                                               $150                 

    • ii. Broken microwave                                     $220 + labor                     

    • iii. Broken blinds                                            $100 + labor                    

    • iv. Broken cargo door                                     $165 + labor  

    • v. Damaged/malfunctioning awning          $1000 + labor/installation fees

  • e. The renter agrees to pay for any and all damages up to and in excess of security deposit. If the costs of damages exceed the security deposit, failure to pay will result in legal action taken by AP RV Rentals. The renter will be responsible for Attorney fees and costs. All litigations shall be done in the state of Florida. 

Pest Control

  • ​AP RV Rentals practices routine pest control and ensures a bug and rodent free environment. However, due to the nature of being based in Florida and frequenting campgrounds and outdoors locations, pests may occasionally make their way into the RV. AP RV Rentals will not be held responsible for such occurrences and does not offer any refunds or credits for them.  

  • It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that precautions are taken to reduce the presence of pests, such as: taking out garbage and washing dishes in a timely manner, keeping the area clean and free of crumbs and spills, and discarding any spoiled food. It is also the responsibility of the renter to notify AP RV Rentals of any pests, so that AP RV Rentals can effectively clean and eliminate them for the next renter. 

  • The renter acknowledges that pests may occasionally be present. Renter agrees to take above precautions against them, and to inform AP RV Rentals if any pests are present during the rental period. 


  • It is the responsibility of both the renter and AP RV Rentals to ensure that the inventory list is accurate and up to date prior to departure. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that all items disclosed on the inventory list are present and in good condition upon return of the RV. 

  • The renter will be immediately charged for any items not present during the drop-off assessment. 

  • Once the renter and AP RV Rentals part ways, any missing items will become the property of the renter. AP RV Rentals will not accept any items or replacements returned at a later time by the renter.

  • The renter acknowledges that they are responsible for any and all items present in the RV at their time of departure. The renter understands and accepts that they will be charged for any items that are not returned or are damaged upon drop-off. 

General Rules
Service Fees
Pet Policy
Damage Policy
Pest Control

Cancellation Policy

  • Renters are entitled to a full refund 30 days prior to the start date of the reservation. For cancellations made at least 14 days before rental start date, renters are entitled to 50% refund. For cancellations made less than 14 days before rental start date, there will be no refund issued. There is a 24 hour cancellation grace period for rentals bookings made at least 7 days before the rental starts. There is a 1 hour cancellation grace period for rental bookings made within 7 days of when the rental starts. For any rental cancellations during the grace period, a full refund will be issued.

Cancellation Policy
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